tisdag 22 januari 2013

IAW CXCIV - Calendar - July II

Greetings from Sweden!

This week's theme is the 2013 Calendar. Each member choses a photo which he or she deem suits the month he or she has chosen. Add the month, a quote and your name (faded out like a watermark. Looking forward to your entries, my friends. Enjoy. So far one round of twelve months have been chosen. The other members may chose from all but May which Linda has tagged. I'll be in further consultation with Milli and Sue how the finished calendar will look. Two photos per month may work out well or two calendars. We'll see and get back to you on that.

8 kommentarer:

  1. It is Beautiful Anders..Strikingly So!

  2. One can never go wrong photographing flowers. Though they can not speak they say so much. They also have the power to alter an unfavorable mood to a better one........both photo and quote are beautiful!

  3. Beautiful love the flower.