lördag 2 mars 2013

IAW CC - Our Second Century

Welcome and greetings from Sweden!

This week a truly momentous occurance is about to happen. Two hundred weeks and four years ago a group of remarkable individuals started up a site called Images & Words. Through the years the entries posted by the members have been thrilling, interesting and thoroughly enjoyable. I have had a wonderful time ever since I joined this group. Every week it has been exciting to see what my fellow members would come with as regards to the theme. The theme for this week is then...


You can use anything that refers to the nr 200, perhaps what happened 200 years ago in your country You can also use the original photo from your very first entry for a new one for this occasion. Im looking forward to view and comment on your entries. Enjoy.
Wish you
All the Best from Anders

The words in the photo means Happy 200th.

23 kommentarer:

  1. very interesting anders yours is great

  2. Thanks Heidi. Its a crystal chandelier from the Dream Light festival of Helsingborg a couple of weeks ago.

  3. You made a very interesting choice of image, Anders!

  4. Thanks Belita. It was wonderful to walk around among all those lights.

  5. You do lighten up our Images And Words group! Anders
    Thank you. :)

    Here is my: 200th I&W

  6. Thanks Sophie. Im glad you think that :).

  7. don't know what yours means but here is mine:
    Lynda's Celebrating 200 Images & Words

  8. Your inspiration "overfloweth"

    wonderful theme and response to it!!

  9. Yes, let us hope for a bright future for this group!

    Our second century

  10. A lovely take on the theme my friend;)
    Images and Words

  11. Great entry to the theme Anders! Thank you for the comment on mine!

  12. Sorry jan for the lateness of my reply - tnanks and you're welcome,.