lördag 13 april 2013

IAW CCVI - Four Colours

Welcome and greetings from Sweden!

Colours in their various nuances have followed mankind thru the millenia. From the cave paintings in the south of France and in Spain, to the dyeing of clothes and materials and now the digital age where even more variants of the basic colours have been invented. This weeks theme is - Four Colours. Hope this will prove to be a wonderful challenge for you. I'm looking forward to your entries and to view and comment on them.
Wish you
All the Best from Anders

Wiki Link to an article on Colours


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  1. You're welcome, Heidi. and thanks.

  2. Great quote from Picasso, yes, colors have attitudes, the artist performs (choose) each color according to the arising concept.

    Lovely colorful photos.

  3. A good mixture of colours and good words.

  4. What a great theme for this week Anders. Yours is wonderful with a great quote.

    My entry

  5. A beautiful take on the theme Anders;)
    Images and Words

  6. Wonderful match of Images and a quote .
    Thanks for your visit Anders .

  7. Thanks Fatos. and you're welcome.

  8. Oh I do so agree..colours represent emotions. Very fresh entry, Anders!

    Ty for your words to mine :-)

  9. Thanks Amalie. and you're welcome,